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Welcome to the portfolio of Dylan Gattey, an adventurous identity, web, and iOS developer and designer. Clean and elegant design is my passion.

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Read all about it! Peruse my recent writings about the world of development and design, as well as my posts about important news in my life.

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Underestimating Perlin Noise

4th December 2013 by Dylan Gattey

Everyone learns about Perlin noise at some point in their computer science careers, as long as they touch something graphics-related. Writing a 2D game engine this semester, I read up on it when trying to code my own procedural content generator…

First Thoughts on Mavericks

23rd October 2013 by Dylan Gattey

I thought switching from the big cats theme to places in California before an overhaul of the operating system was a bit of an odd move, but Apple’s always been about making moves no one expects. Being the beta adopter I am, I promptly installed OS X Mavericks last night a few hours…

Version 2.0

30th August 2012 by Dylan Gattey

Things have long needed a fresh coat of paint around here. The design on my original site was meant to be just temporary until I developed something more substantial and engaging. Other projects and school delayed the redesign until it faded away into…

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